Sunday, November 16, 2014

Don't make this stop,
Won't you dare,
To walk away now,
When you've got me,
Feeling so alive,
Stuck in this rush,
Every time you touch me,
Not an inch of me is un-shivered,
I have this fear,
That I will die,
When you walk away,
You'll rip my heart out,
I need this rush,
This rush of blood,
This high you give me,
Don't ever stop,
Won't you dare,
Just for God shakes,
Pretend you care,
When I am feeling,
So alive and well,
When I am completely,
Under you're spell,
I am addicted to the rush,
The red of my blush,
Whenever you're fingertip,
Touches my skin,
I don't mind the sin,
I'm addicted to you...

people fall in love in mysterious ways, so did we...

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