Change the world

Late at night,
I wonder to myself,
Just like anyone else,
I assume,
What I would be like,
When certain events,
That took place in my life,
Or did not happen,
Would have been differently...
But I think that's just the way,
Life goes,
Some things are ment to be,
What they are to be,
Others are to be changed,
And just few are to be chosen,
Perhaps personaly,
Or maybe by faith,
Late at night,
I wonder to myself,
Would I have been,
Such a thinker as I am now,
If they had not made me one?
So last but not least,
Some things are in life to be made,
And I am to be, changed, made and chosen,
To be foolish enough to think,
That words can change the world,
That we can save the world,
And therefor I will.

I think I can change the world with my hands,
Not by fighting but in writing.

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