That's when I miss you

He asked me,
"Do you miss me?
Cause I miss you,
And I was wondering,
If maybe we could get coffee,
I don't know if you want,
Or if you don't, 
Just tell me when you miss me,
If you do,
Then I'll come,
Cause I'll be waiting for you..."
And I said,
"Every time the doorbell rings, I hope it is you,
Every time my mom yells Carmen there's someone for you,
I hope you are waiting for me downstairs,
Every time I go out shopping, I hope to get a glance of you're face,
Every time my phone buzzes I hope it you, sending me a message,
Saying you'll miss me,
Every single time I breath,
That's when I miss you,
Thats when you can come,
Thats when in,
Every single moment,
Thats when I want you..."
His crooked smile pulled me in,
Kissed my forehead,
And held on tight,
We're not about to lose this thing,
So rare and pure again,

You're always there in my mind, you never left.

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