I asked him,
"What are you looking for,
All those nights,
When you wander along,
The empty avenues?
Dark cold pavements,
Grey concrete..."
He sighted, shook his head and begon...
"I don't know what I am looking for,
But I will find it someday,
I don't know where it will be,
Or whomever I might see,
But I will find it,
I hope I find it..."
I could hear the shiver in his voice,
He has no choice,
He had no home,
All he is, is alone...
So I took his hand,
Made my stand and said...
"I don't know where we're going,
But I'd love to spend the rest of our lives,
Right there where you find it..."

Follow you're dreams,
Who knows where they lead you...

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