Real life John Green book

Never does my mind stop dreaming about places I've never been to,
I am always drifting off inside my head wondering what...
My one and only favourite place in this wide world would look like,
How it would smell as I gasp for air,
When I've found the place that until now remained a no where,
After years of searching when I see it there,
This place so special, breathtaking, rare,
Would I know right away? Like love at first sight,
Or will it be more of a something my mind won't let go off thing?
Like a out of sight but never ever out of mind kind?
I really have no clue all I do know it that on new years eve,
One of the city's I would love to see will be on my list,
Maybe it will be my one and only belonging,
The place where my heart skips a beat as a "finally home sight",
The one you get after a long time away when you walk in the door...
I guess I'm just a John Green book in person,
Cause "I'm love with places I've never been to and people I've never met..."

In love with places I've never been to,
Like a real life breathing John Green book...

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