Like a piece of art

She looked stunning,
As always enchanting,
Like a piece of art,
So devine,
So pure and rare,
She was always perfectly perfect,
Her make up was spotless,
Het hair always done,
Nothing was ever wrong...
She looked truly happy,
She was blessed so well,
Had all the men under her spell,
She herself could not see,
What I wish she would,
As she stares clearly trough me,
Always looking for me,
But darling all he ever does is break you're heart,
Wait until all falls apart,
Then you are left picking up the pieces,
He left behind,
You'll cut you're fingers on cleaning his mess,
But I guess what they say is true,
The only one who can heal you is the one,
That broke you off as well,
I watched her confidence got scattered when he left,
And her walls raised so high the lower the one,
The higher the other,
He was killing her softly in love,
He was killing her softly out of love,
Whatever it was,
It's over now...
She looked stunning,
As always enchanting,
Like a piece of art,
But not one of those colourful,
One of a mystery,
One in black and white,
One to make you think,
Cause after all that's what art does,
It make you think of it, think of cherising it.
But he never does,
So I'll wait until the day comes,
When she realises that I was always by her side...

she was the kind of girl that was always enchanting. perfect, like art.

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