Google knew us better then we did.

I searched for my own name on google,
Wondering what I would find,
As I watched pictures passing by,
Websites names and articles,
I found a picture of you there,
In the mids of it all,
I could have imagined my father,
Or my friends or the pictures of my blog,
I would have predicted it all,
But then you showed up,
And my heart stopped beating,
My mind got insane,
Like google know us better then we do,
Like the internet could already predict,
That we belong,
All these strings that connect us,
They are not to cut,
They hold on to the memories,
Hold on to us,
I need you like I need google,
Cause pictures and memories,
Won't love me the way you do...

Google knows us better then we know ourselfs.

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