As you're birthday passes

Tomorrow's you're birthday,
I wish I could say,
That I'll see you then,
But that was only when,
We still could have been,
Anything no one has seen.

Tonight at midnight,
You'll turn 23,
I wonder what it will be,
Will you think of me?
As you blow out the candle light,
And make a wish,
Will you reminisce?

I've been thinking about you,
The whole day trough,
Maybe you'll be there in an hour,
Would I be albe to find the power,
To congratulate you,
Even when you didn't do,
When it was mine back in July.

When the clock ticks twelve,
The noise of the bells sounds trough,
You'll be wearing the best clothes from the shelf,
I wonder if you wear,
What I used to like, if you care?

As the gong goes on,
Will you look at me,
For my eyes to see,
The birthday boy,
Looking at me like his favourit toy?
I wish you would,
How I wish you would.

Happy birthday my dear.

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