Friday, November 21, 2014

I'm wide awake

Wide awake,
I'm wide awake,
Laying in my bed,
Thinking about this insomnia,
I realised that I finally,
Have found the answer,
To a long lost question of mine,
For years I wondered if I was,
A high sensitive child,
I took numerous of tests,
And they all where inbetweeners,
So that's pretty undecided decided...
Yet tonight I made it a yes.
There had been three excited things today,
One has happend already,
One is about to happen,
And one is plannend,
So here I lay now at 00:39,
Wide awake in my bed,
Thinking about all these thing,
I am unable to sleep,
Because reality is so much more exciting,
Then my dreams tonight ever could be,
At 00:40 and on and on,
I will remain awake,
Wide awake...

I'm wide awake, +Katy Perry quote.

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