Saturday, November 8, 2014

We think we deserve.

"We accept the love we think we deserve..."
That was what the quote said...
But I felt only pain,
It means that I think I deserve so less,
I always find myself in the arms of a cheater,
In the heart of a liar,
In the eyes of a deceiver,
Yet I have always stayed a believer,
i am the kind of girl that gives love,
Like it is the spare change in you're pocket,
And I always fall back into the arms of,
Those who want back anything they might have handed you,
Who will beg for a second chance,
Only to come around for a third...
Why do I accept it?
When I know I deserve so much more,
When I know my heart's worth so much more...
Maybe that's why it said "we think we deserve"
Because everyone knows that what you think,
Is not always true.

we accept the love we think we deserve, weheartit.

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