Friday, November 28, 2014

Without safety net

Was think
ing about you today,
About this date last year,
About our fighting and kissing,
The screaming and dreaming,
Oh what a night it was,
Both not sure what to say,
Wheter we should stay or walk away,
I said it is you're last chance,
But you needed time,
I said you couldn't get anymore,
That I was going crazy like this,
That it was either yes or no,
And nothing in between,
But she had gotten to you already,
Yet in the months passing,
You and I still kept growing closer,
And that one last night we shared,
We just jumped in no safety net,
For you the jump was only something,
Like a once upon a time when I was young,
Yet you just let me fall,
Dying to hold you,
So won't you dare to make me go trough,
Something so wrong to,
Don't you look in my eyes,
Don't come close,
Walk besides,
Cause I know I'll fall in love again...
And I just keep on begging the skies,
to bring you back to me,
So don't look at me now,
When I'm still waiting for you...

Don't look at me when I still hope you're waiting for me...

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