Friday, November 14, 2014

No defeating the Rebel Warrior.

She told me,

"I'll tell you a story,
To get it off my heart,
To let you start,
To put it in write,
Make the words bright,
Despite of the dark blue,
That is hanging over you,
When it appears,
When the voices call,
When you would give away,
You're all,
Make it a good end...

Cause in this,
I've found my best friend,
To become my boyfriend,
My smiles are given now,
Only to those who deserve,
Who one's served,
Me a smile as well,
Even when they could tell,
That maybe I was not myself,
All I do know,
Is that I was not broken,
Just bend or bruised,
I've been near any border, 
Any line you can imagine,
But I've never given in,
I never gave up...

I saved all of my happy thoughts,
So one day when the world,
Was to overwhelming,
When the voices in my head where screaming,
When I couldn't lay my head,
For a little dreaming, 
When it all seemed lost,
I could go back to these thoughts,
Realised I'm not giving up,
The marks are on my skin,
They'll remind me every day it was my win,
I am my true beautiful self,
I dusted me off from the shelf,
Took controle of my own life,
Layed down the knife,

Now I've gotten everything,
A teen wants,
I've got a shining sun in my life,
It's called Skyler...
And I've got me, 
That's all I wish for you see,
Only one thing I would love to do,
Help others who are going trough,
The same things as I have..."

So she said to me...

And I was stunned...

A girl this strong,
Is one like a +Demi Lovato song,
A girl this wise,
Isn't she the biggest lottery prize?

Her name is +MJ Coon so I've heard,
And so she is, Mary stands for rebellion,
She will rebel for all,
To never give in, or up...
No matter what is wrong,
She will stand next to you,
Teaching you how to be strong.
Until you yourself are as well,

A warrior. 

Never give up. 

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