Sunday, November 30, 2014

Break my heart slow.

As I looked trough the photo's,
Listened to the old songs,
Watched the vid's we made,
Recollected my memories of you,
I broke my heart on the one,
That one thing we never shared,
We never had a goodbye,
And in the bye we said,
I can surely say was no good,
If you had one been mean,
If you had only spoken you're mind,
If you had not lied to me,
My heart would have been broken,
So many days ago already,
But I was spending those nights,
Laying in bed alone,
Thinking we're still together,
I'd rather had you letting me know,
That we did not survived this last storm,
It blew us away,
But babe don't ever dare again,
To break my heart,

Don't break my heart slow...

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