There's the excuse, wanne refuse?

When we where together,
We never ever had a fight,
We had differences,
But we respected it all,
WE could laugh and tease about it,
It didn't even mattered at all,
Not the others, or opinions,
Not the world, not anything,
All that did was you and I.

When we parted,
There was no yelling,
No accusing, no bad blood,
Just statements like,
"I wish you the best,"
"Hope to see you around sometimes,"
"Maybe the future will bring us,
To the same places and plans again..."
All that was spoken in the last minute,
Nothing mattered,
But staying something...
No matter how little,
Just history,
As long as we still had,
Something tying us.

When you got with her,
And I tried to move on,
That's when we our fight,
You didn't liked my last words,
And I resented you for all,
We didn't even tried to,
Read the others mind...

When I was just thinking it all over,
Thinking about why you could be mad,
This time again,
I flashed back to when,
This little nothing started,
Back to when we parted,
And I finally understood,
We fight because we should,
Because it's the only thing that can,
Keep us together,
Tied in some what strange way,
Because we where raised to make up,
And talk things out,
So it gives us an excuse,
To refuse,
The facts...
There is no you and I.

I wish you would stop sending me messages, I want the message,
In the no message at all..

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