Give me some answers

Just this afternoon as I was at work,
Suddenly my mind floated off,
I found if around the corner,
Of my bedroom when I got home,
As I tried to put my finger on why?
It was there to be found,
After all those hours lost,
It catched my eye,
Something orange brownish was laying there,
It was one of my old dairies,
The one you once had read,
When you told me,
That I should not hide this pure part of me,
It was my obbligation to myself to see,
What I could be,
As a writer or a poet,
You knew for sure,
That my name would be written in the stars,
But what if only I,
Can write it up there in the sky...?
I don't know if the climb is to high,
If the rush might be worth the fall,
And if I lose balance,
Will you catch me?
Or will I fly?
I was happy to have my mind back,
But if it had only given me some answers....

I am gonna take on this adventure if you'll stay around to help me...

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