Face the fact

After 365 days and nights,
I've spend lonely,
Waiting by the phone,
For you to call,
Sitting near the door,
For you to knock,
Waiting by you're side,
For you to put aside you're pride,
I came to the conclusion,
That trough all these things,
I've gave up for you,
All the love and time invested in you,
There had never been a day,
Nor will there come a day,
365 nights aways,
Where you would do,
The same things as I did for you,
You would never give me a chance,
Cause I was never in you're future plans,
It's time to face the fact,
My waiting for you my love pact,
And my heart will no longer be intact,
I let it all fall apart,
For someone new to puzzle me,
Back to who I used to be...

After 365 days and nights I am still waiting for you...

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