A little something I had to share with you guys...

Last year I did a songwriting course on +Coursera 
And in that course +Liz Longley appeared with a increadible song,
My mind was blown so wonderful as it was,
Goose bumps. Litterally. 
The song was no where to be found,
But the lyrics they haunt,
I've found myself humming the melody,
Or singing this little piece of the verse,
At any moment of time,
I was just... jakfjoicrnqog?!
I had to find the song, 
So I did some new digging....
What do you think of the song? 
Let me know I'm curious! 


"Pieces, little reminders that take me back,
Whenever I find them...
Letting go would be so much easier,
If I could let you go all at once, 
Instead of in pieces,
I guess that's just the way love lets go,

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