Just in case

All alone in a cold home,
I wonder and myself,
In the minutes passing,
Will I see you tonight,
My mind seems to lose grip,
For you and I we all know,
That we could never go,
Down that same road again,
But somehow every time,
When my eyes meet yours,
These mistakes we made,
Seem to be life's behind,
I don't even mind anymore,
I miss you to much,
To make a point,
We do this every single time,
Round and round we go,
A never ending rollercoaster,
The high is worth the fall,
And the scare is worth all,
What I would not give,
For just one more ride,
The only fear I have,
Is that when my wish comes true,
One ride isn't enough for me,
Nor for you,
All alone in a cold home,
You wonder to yourself,
Both silently speaking,
If we'd only known.

just in case you come back, I'll save my feelings, save it all.

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