Saturday, November 1, 2014

If only....

You don't get it, But if you did.
You'd understand why I feel like I don't belong.
If only you could see trough my eyes,
Lock you in my heart,
Feel the thoughts my mind speaks to me,
If only...
You knew why I'd keep running away,
From everyone that talks about yesterday,
Why I can not live for anyone else,
Why I feel like I keep on feeling every time,
If you could only live under my skin,
Wouldn't you just once give in?
Read the marks and scars my treasure chest map,
If only,
You'd tell me what I'd been longing to hear,
That I'm not a dead see,
That the water inside me,
Could still be brought to live,
Tell me you understand, even if you can't,
Cause I need you to not tell me,
That you'll be here forever,
Cause everyone who did, went away,
So I want you to never say you'll stay,
Then maybe you will,
And this time it might work,
No broken heart, no shattered love...
If only.

I just don't know what I'm supposed to be.

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