At first I always dreamed,
Dreamed so big,
That it terrified all around me,
Because of the fright,
They told me,
I would never make it,
Not even fake it,
Cause dreams are not reality,
They are not what we live in,
But don't they also say,
Live and let live,
Why not dream and let dream?
I was so heart broken,
By the shattering of my dreams,
Until one day,
I tried,
No efford till midnight,
No sweat and tears,
No blood and time turned to,
Just one lose try...
And it worked,
it worked again and again,
I always dreamed,
To have my name,
In black and white on a book,
I got one,
Then I got tree,
Now I dream of shelf full,
And there is no one who will be able,
To get my head out of these clouds,
I'm a cloudwalker,
Always have always will be.

Dream with heart and soul.

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