Thursday, April 16, 2015

Holding mine.

Over over a year ago,
That a long time,
But not nearly enough,
To make me forget,
That I am not supposed to,
Light up, to laugh,
Whenever I see your pretty face,
I can not watch over,
When you walk with that grace,
I am to be bound,
Only by the haunt,
Of the memories you left,
When you went and get gone,
With my heart,
Your master theft,
Now I am in my room,
Alone and dark at 2 A.M,
Asking, wondering, re-playing,
What you would be saying,
Us dancing in the rain,
Singing don't stop this train,
You and I,
Stopping for a snack,
Down that street at the mac,
The drinks and the movies,
The winks and the grooves,
All these summer nights,
Now are my biggest frights,
I am so scared to fall,
For someone the same way,
I fell for you,
Cause darling, 
I can not handle another broken heart...

I pretend your hand is holding mine, all the time.

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