I was trying so hard,
To move on,
Just as fast,
As the train was,
Rolling down the tracks,
But I was more,
Like caught up,
By this passing by,
Weighing out the try,
I was boiling faster,
With my cooked up head,
Then the steam was calling,
From the oven...
I stumbled on to everyone,
Even my own feet,
As I was stumbling,
On corners in my mind,
I had never seen before,
I honestly tried to lock it all out,
But just as the doors,
To the bus open and close,
My heart makes a jump,
Whenever it sees you,
There is always,
A first class seat for you,
Left open,
Yet we didn't speak,
The words between us,
Where silent whilst screaming,
My ears are bleeding,
From the white noise,
But I'm happy,
I made the choice,
For once the decision,
Was mine to make, to take,
Or to let my heart break,
It was up to me.

It seemed like the hardest thing to do, but I'm shining without you.

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