Monday, April 13, 2015


We joked around,
Nothing to bound,
No emotional scar,
Just a kiss in a car,
Nothing like you,
Nothing I had to do,
It was a moment,
One to be lend,
I tried to reach,
Without a preach,
As I saw,
A crow,
Flying by,
Wondering why,
I found myself,
In thyself,
I asked thy,
If thy where free,
From all we used to be,
But does one ever?
Become so clever,
As to ease the pain,
By leaving the game?
Thy hardly even know,
It's an option to go,
We joked around,
Seemed nothing to bound,
But these emotional scars,
We keep them in our drawers,
Stached in jars,
It seemed,
It really seemed different this time,
It seemed.

It seemed a joke, yes it did, oh yes yes yes...

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