Call on me

Am I to call myself a poet?
Now that others call on me,
As a poet,
Am I to see myself as a writer?
Now that others see me, 
As a writer,
Am I to adress myself as artist,
Now that thy adress to my work,
As art? 
Am I worth more then before,
Now that others value me,
Am I to see things in perspective?
Now that I am in yours? 
Cause deep down,
I've always known what you,
Have come to find out just now,
Yet the difference between you and me,
I don't need your glasses,
Or opinion to see,
That I am what I am to be,
So I don't your voice,
To tell me I am a poet,
Darling, it's not a choice...
You either are or aren't,
I am to call myself a poet,
Cause I feel inside my soul,
I am a poet as whole.

your a work of art.

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