Dedicated to all 2 A.M. lovers.

Every single line,
Is yours not mine,
It rarely says,
What I think,
The bloody ink,
It more often speaks,
Of the reasons,
My eye leaks.

Every single song,
I've ever wrote,
Is for someone,
The sound of the note,
Sounds like the load,
Of emotion it awakes,
When it takes,
Away my soul.

Every single word,
Turned into a chord,
Leads me to shiver,
It makes me feel,
All unable to be told in person,
These thoughts so real,
Vowels taking a run,
The rhyming has begun.

Every single poem,
We state to write,
For no one,
Had been known,
To be for our 2 A.M,
When you read,
The words I so carefully,
Do you bleed?

At their sharp sting,
Or do you thrive,
To be part of my scars,
Blaming you,
For leaving me neglected.

Every single song,
Is written for some one,
Even if I swear,
Their not about you,
They always are,
Words don't come from,
Vague and empty air,
They form only when I care.

From everyone here,
You are my dear,
Still my favourite muse.

So on will I write,
With the despite,
That nothing,
Not even a fingertip,
Of yours lingers,
On my journal today,
In my sorrow,
So one I write my love song,
For no one.

Your my 2 A.M. - Carmen Verduyn.

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