You got into me,
Then left me,
I don't mean,
The "into me",
Kind of "into me",
I mean you literally,
Got into me.

When we kissed,
You crawled into my mouth,
Made your way to my stomach,
All I could taste for days,
Was you.

When we laid so close,
Side by side in bed,
I could breath you in,
You got to my lungs,
And when you left,
I was breathless,
Cause your my air...

As we talked nights,
Till dawn see the stars,
Until the sun appears,
You taught me,
Only a million things,
You intrigued me,
Tricked me,
Into believing,
Your words so manipulative,
Without thought,
To you my mind I give.

When you told me,
About your secrets,
Hopes and dreams,
You touched my heart,
And took it over,
Part by part,
Now you have my heart,

You got into me,
When all I want,
Is for you is to leave,
Cause I no longer believe,
In what we share,
I lost every fuck I care,

Get out of me,

The girl I used to be.

You make me laugh, but it's not funny.

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