Together alone.

Laying in bed,
Staring strait ahead,
Thinking 'bout,
What I would say now,
If I had the chance...
I'd ask you,
If you where sleepy too,
Wheter you'd come over,
To lay here with me,
Next to be,
To be silent and still,
Just do nothing,
And be,
How we where we,
Perfectly happy,
Without effort,
Without expectations,
Just you and I,
All there is, 
All there was,
All I ever wanted,
So if you ever feel the urge,
To not talk,
To not do anything at all,
To do nothing,
In company,
We could be together alone,
We could do nothing,
And change everything,
If only we could be,
Together alone.

I am sorry I am such an asshole, I mess up,
I do the wrong thing, I act cold and careless,
But believe me when I say I do.

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