Not over myself

Last night, Lonely,
I was thinking,
Reminiscing memories,
Looking over souvenir's,
You know,
How far you'll have to reach,
In order to get,
Where you've been dreaming of,
Is not half as far,
Nor any more of the effort,
You've put into where you came from,
I was holding onto,
My favourite anthem,
It's a picture of you and I,
Our hands tangled up,
I looked so lovely into your eyes,
Smiled as if the world where at peace,
I could've sworn you where,
My heaven on earth...
I never gave you the photo,
Cause I knew,
Then you would fall in love,
With me even more,
Then you where before,
And I came to understand,
That I will never be over you,
For you have never broken my heart,
I broke my own heart,
When I left you there,
Acting like I did not care,
Oh but how I did,
I broke my own heart,
And I'm so not over me,
I don't know if I can get over myself,
But I'm halfway there,
Could anyone admit,
That they are just not ready for a love,
While at the same time I'd give,
Anything and everything,
To have you falling back to my feet,
Cause all I wished for is you,
But it shouldn't be like this,
Even tough this is all I want,
Not like this,
Never like this,
Not when your heart is on the line...
It's all I ever wanted,
More then I can handle,
Yet not enough...

She was the kind of girl, who searched for things, that could
never be found...

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