Tuesday, February 17, 2015


I fell into a rabbithole,
You jumped in,
And there uit was,
You and I lying on the ground,
Echo of our laughing sounds,
I looked up at the stars,
Knowing you'd do the same,
You started to tell,
What they all mean,
When I realized this spell,
It's like when there is only...
You and me,
Somehow we always fall free,
Into wonderland,
This place where we get lost,
From who we are,
And where we belong to,
A place to forget,
All the night waking us up with regret,
We fell into wonderland,
You and I loved it there,
But it can't,
Be anymore wonderdland then is was,
Cause we should not take pass,
In something so far from our own,
Yet so close to home...
Wonderland becomes a burden,
An hell with to much love for anyone to handle,
A hell with only diner, small talk and a lighted candle,
We found wonderland,
You and I fell for it,
Love had never been as intense as is,
Yet not as heartbroken the can't...
We found in wonderland.

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