Wednesday, February 11, 2015


Thinking about you,
I saw just now,
How much you've held me back,
Countless days and nights,
I did not laughed the way I used to,
I forgotten I was to be loved in this,
As well.
I was cleuless as to what I did wrong,
Was I?
I was not allowed to look sloppy,
Whatever that mean.
I had to be the good and cute and silly girl,
When I am serious as well.
You said my hair was best not long not short,
But in between and not blonde and all,
But I... I like it short,
So now that you have gone,
So is the girl that said,
She would never cut her hair,
So is the girl that was scared not be perfect,
So is the girl that walkes on her toes,
To keep you happy,
Cause she is doing now,
Is making herself happy...
And she finally cut her hair.

I did everything you said I could not, I am free, from who I used to be.

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