Saturday, February 28, 2015


Thinking about you,
Thinking about me,
The love we shared,
What if it was ment to be?
Not in the way we hoped,
Not in the savings ropes,
But just as it where...
Maybe the reason why we where us,
Was because of the fuss,
Maybe we were suppost to have,
Not even a name or plan for all,
Cause it makes me scared,
And would've made you freak,
Maybe we just both loved greek,
And we liked pizza and driving round,
Listening to John mayers sound,
Maybe this was all there ever was,
No more falling in the grass,
Nothing but memories,
About you and me in a summerbreeze,
Maybe the magic was in the pass,
In the fact that something,
So unexpected bound to part,
Can still touch the heart...
Cause only that, is worth remembering,
Is worth to be called, magical...

If you were to ask me, still believe in magic? Yes I do... Coldplay.

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