I've been thinking 'bout you,
Will you know,
Will you know now then?
I've been wondering 'bout you,
Will you ever,
Will you ever think 'bout?
I've been curious 'bout you,
What's your name,
What's your name now dear?
I've been dying to know,
Is it?
Is it killing you,
Like I've been dying,
To meet you again,
Is it killing you?
Like it left me breathless?
Is it killing you,
Like it kills me...
Like it leaves me stranded,
Is this the new love,
Of a nightly high generation?
Leave me there to die,
Give it a try,
It's so romantic,
You're the romantic,
Leaving me to drown between ship and shore...
Sure makes hunger for more,
Between ship and shore,
Let me drown,
Be the romantics bound by...

Loneliness is one hell of a drug... -- John Mayer.

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