Wednesday, February 4, 2015

These words

Do you,
Remember what I said,
On our last night?
"I can not say what I want of this life,
But I would do anything,
To be your everything,
But if you have the slightest doubt,
If there is a part not sure,
If you wonder if she might be worth more,
When you do not wake and fall to sleep,
With me on my mind,
If not all your dreams whisper my name,
When you do not smile in every thought of me,
If I am not in the visions of your future,
When you do not think of me as in September,
Then please do not recall or remember,
Then leave me alone,
Do not call, do not greet,
Do not do anything to meet,
I would do anything for you,
If you'd ask me to,
If you dare to ask me to be yours,
To give this one more try,
I would give you my all,
But if you don't,
Then don't call..."
Now you can either love these words,
Or hate them with all fury,
You can curse these words,
Speak ugly of me,
You can risk all on them,
I just hope,
I said them just right,
I only hope,
They'll haunt you,
Like the memories haunt me...

And I still think of you every single time the Notebook comes on..

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