Saturday, February 28, 2015


I went hoping you'd stop by,
If only to day hi.

I got there so absolutely sure,
That you where mature.

I was staring round,
But you where no where to be found.

I tried to act cool,
but you do bring out the fool.

As I was calling out,
For you so loud.

As I tried to make you see,
That there is a part of me,

Willing to be yours,
Ready to open doors,

You pull back,
And I lack,

Just a bit of dare,
To show you that I care,

More about you then you think,
I'm just not one to drink,

And get drunk on love,
I'd rather get a sign for above.

But now that I've learned,
Something like that is to be earned,

I am here for you,
And I'd do,
Anything for you.

I might not love the same way as you,
But that does not mean that I don't love you,
The same amount as you do,
Love me.
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