Not even a goodbye

When it was over,
All was gone,
There remains one thing,
You and I we parted,
From a thing that never started,
So late at night I wonder,
If you ever think of me,
If you ever try to hold on,
To the memories the same way,
As do I,
I wonder if I'm the one to blame,
I think about you cursing my name,
Can you tell me,
Did I aks for too much?
Didn't I gave enough,
Or was it just not ment to be,
Streared away from above?
I wished for all the right reasons,
For one last night,
So you and I could say,
Everyhting we forgot that day,
So that there would be a goodbye,
Instead of an lie,
Cause it wouldn't have been this...
If only we had a goodbye,
But we never even had...
That moment to regret. 

We spend months together it seemed as if time flew...

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