Tuesday, February 17, 2015


I've been trying,
To pin point,
Where it went wrong,
Where I lost you,
Into translating,
The speaches of this world,
To the actions they desired,
I've been thinking,
About a girl,
I once used to know,
When I lost her,
Trying to adjust,
Her words to those of the world,
But the differ is still to blame,
I've been writing,
For you to read,
All these words on witch I bread,
I try to explain how I feel,
Yet I can not put in anything real,
It's like I have a lack of words,
I'm just a little speechless,
I must honestly confess,
That there are no more words left,
For me to you to be said...
It's all in here or in writing somewhere,
I only hope that,
You'll be reading,
The words you needed to hear,
In order to see clear,
That you and I,
Should give this a try,
If you thought of me,
Give me a call,
Cause lately...
I have not changed my number,
Just in case you call me later to say,
You've been thinking about,
Me, Lately.

Lately I wished we stayed sober that night.

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