Standing still

All my girl friends,
They all move ahead,
Some are moving in,
Others move out their houses,
Everything is changing,
So unbelievable fast,
But I.. I last,
I feel as if I...
I stay exactly the same,
In this revolving world,
Where we all live,
Hundred miles an hour lives,
I am standing still,
When everyone surrounding,
Is moving and going,
I feel as if I am standing still...
The clock ticks,
And the wheels turn,
The sun rises,
The morning comes,
As the dawn breaks,
I realise that only one,
Who will be able to make me move,
Is me... By making a move,
All by myself,
I'm gonna have to choose,
What I will win and lose,
That's living,
That's the way you live,
Choosing what you get, what you give.

Life is about choosing what you win and lose,
You make your own luck. 

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