Golden days

The cold shivered trough my bones,
But we where the once's wearing the crowns,
We are the kings and the queens,
In a one road kind of town,
Where they will call out our names,
At the midnight jokes in fame,
We will be mentioned one or two times,
My bed so warm and soft,
Took me in as a mother hold her child,
The flesh inside my skin was reignited,
I could feel all energy floating,
I had done the most crazy dances,
I had been awake for too many hours,
But still, I felt so wide awake,
My eyes and ears,
They see and hear it all so clear,
This moment passing by,
I will not let it go unnoticed,
I'll catch it, remember it, cause,
The golden days are now,
The golden days are now,
We are the kings and the queens,
When one day they will read out my name,
I'll go back to remember how days became,
The golden once's...
Not a question hard to figure out,
Love, laughter and friends turning into,
Family... That's what they're all about...
The golden days. 

If you have crazy friends, you have everything.

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