Sunday, February 8, 2015

I am me.

Put on my clothes,
Without any thought,
Didn't even look in the mirror,
Big smile on my face,
Swing in my step,
Like I am dancing in new shorts,
All stars tied together,
Red lips separated by my laugh,
I was completely free,
From all of the things I used to be,
She said to me,
"What's going on with you tonight?"
I could tell by the look on her face,
That she didn't like this layer of...
Confidence spilled on me in the moonlight,
Yet I just did not care,
So I when on and for the first ever I dare...
"I'm great, more then great actually,
Nothing's going on, just a really good day for me,
This is the real me, nice to meet you..."
Her shocked face only said
"Oh well, I can remember a time where you where,
That's what made it so clear,
They all knew, they all saw,
It's just that they're not real friends,
She's not happy for me,
Finding who I was ment to be,
She liked me better when she was sure,
I served my purpose,
But I will not do so any longer,
I am so much Stronger.
I am stronger then the part of insecurity that lingers.
Free, I am free from what I used to be,
For the first since history,
I am me. 

I think I'm better then before. I was ment to be so much more.

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