Saturday, February 7, 2015

On the side

Sat there on the side,
Like the salad no one likes,
Watched as life played out,
Everyone sticking to their part,
No one speaking from heart,
I saw you,
I saw you're face in the mids of the crowd,
You walked with your head held high,
When you walked me by,
Thought for a second there,
You and I would intwine,
But it seems I can only be part,
Of your life by watching it,
In posts, status and pictures on Facebook,
It hurts like salt on a cut,
This feeling inside my gut,
Now that we no longer,
Are bound by any kind of stronger force,
Our lives got a divorce,
We don't look, wave or smile,
It's been this way quite a while,
All I want to know now is,
If it is hurting you,
The way it is hurting me...
I am dying to know...
Sat there on the side,
Watched life passed me by,
Goodbye my love, goodbye.

I still believe, just no longer in us, but I believe, oh I believe.

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