Everyone know, give up, let's win both.

You got talk to your friends,
I stand there like a ghost,
Watching over all surrounding me,
They laugh as they look over,
To my side of the room,
There is no border line,
But still everyone is bound,
Not to go to the other side,
It's a battle where on of us,
Will surely lose it's pride,
A war that should be between you and I,
But you can't win all on your own,
You know I would without intention,
Steel your hear again,
Because me smiling once,
Or a single look from my eyes,
Would take you back to paradice,
Now you can turn it eather way you want,
And I respect you for not wanting to break a bound,
But it's going to be now or in the near future,
So come back, come back to me,
Like we know it's gonna be.

You loved the pic, the city, but more then anything, you loved me remember?

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