Find out what I found

As you walked in by,
You looked me in the eye,
But you could even say 'hi',
Don't you think she wonders why?

I know and I knew a long time,
Don't act so anonymous it is not a crime,
It was like that all along and she took something that was still mine,
So why should I bother to think if she would be fine?

To be honest I rarely think of her at all,
Its for I always knew I am the one who stands tall,
You and I never got up again after our fall,
So I don't worry I can feel someday soon you'll call,

You were Talking with other ex's before,
But not with me no more...

But don't you worry you're pretty small mind,
It won't be long before she'll find,
What I've found at the start,
It won't be long till the two of you part,
For I'm still taking up to much space in you're heart...

It doesn't bothers her yet,
But some dat soon she'll regret,
Taking something that was mine,
Even if it takes all of my time,
Even if I have to cross a line,
No one is gonne take something I had,
Something I was supposed to gonna get,
Oh she's so gonna get one hell of a load of regret...

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