Smile again

Oh babe,
One day soon,
Its gonna hurt you,
Its gonna hurt really bad,
For it matterd,
More then you thought,
And the onces that do anything,
To stay in youre life,
Are mostly the onces you really need,
But you never saw it before,
Youre days got hard,
And from what Ive seen,
There the hardest youve ever had,
So I'll be here,
Waiting with my arms wide open,
For you to run to me,
And fall breathless to my feet,
Its allright, dont give up,
If you fall down I'll pick up,
And if you dont see,
Open up youre eyes,
And I will carry you home...
So now hold on its alright,
And If you dont see,
I'll open up youre eyes,
And make you smile again...

Long live all the magic we made...

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