Little voice inside my head

This voice in my head keeps on asking,
Where you are...
I said I haven't seen you around lately,
And you'll probably with her,
But she can have you,
It's not like I care...
Yet this voice whispered,
"Do you now?"
And I just laughed at this voice within,
Yet this morning a little voice inside my mind,
Asked me again where you where,
And I replied that I couldn't care less,
Over you're whereabouts,
I don't care where you rest you're bones,
As long as it is far far far away from my own,
And almost as a distant echo the voice replied,
"If you think so honey..."
And then as days passed by,
I started to wonder why,
This little voice didn't speak to me anymore,
I went looking and wondering around to find,
This little thing speaking for me,
But I found you...

I found you

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