Please dont tell a girl

I ask you one thing,
Only one thing,
Please dont tell a sad girl that she's pretty,
Or kiss her trembeling lips,
Dont brush youre fingertips across the skin when tears roll down,
And dont ever ask her if she's okay,
She might do something crazy like believe that you care,
And she might do something silly like
open up to you,
And if she's anything like me,
She might believe you when you wisper in her ears that you love her,
And maybe she's a lot like me and she and she falls for you so deep,
That will never can go back to who she used to be,
Just like I'm still trying to scearch for the old me but I cant seem to find it,
After all those nights you worked in on me,
After all the fights I was the blame to be,
I tought maybe I ask for too much it maybe I'm just not enough,
So I like to be my old self again...
Wont someone help me find it?
For the hope of love out there,
Please now I als you only one thing,
Dont let a girl fall,
I you dont intent to let her fly...
Dont tell her you love her,
If its just a lie...

Think then talk, words are the most powerful weapons we have

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