Between the lines

She has her eyes wide shut unopened,
You and I are always written between the lines,
And all who read you're story of the wrinkels from you're face,
Can see that the writing on the wall is all for me,
All you ever say and in all you do,
There is this almost invisible layer coming through,
The layer you try to hide and hold on to so thight,
I understand you know, its okay, its allright,
I really do get it just as well as you,
Its her that doesn't get clue,
You and I have history and yes everyone remembers,
She's a stranger a clean slate, 
She started a relationship with you without either having faith,
So now we just all wait,
Wait till you two part, and it won't be long till the ending stage will start,
She has her eyes wide shut unopened,
You and I always between the lines,
How long till we break out off the lines...
And start with words by heart...

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