Know you like the back of my hand

Let me be clear,
I unserstand very little,
Of every person on this world,
Maybe least of myself,
You are that one person,
I know better then anyone else,
I can read you like an open book,
Know you better then I know myself,
And it's the other way around as well,
I memorized the seven ways you laugh,
The words you mumble in youre sleep,
And the wrinkels that appear when youre hiding youre tears,
And youve learned about my past,
And all the words to my favourit songs,
Youve puzzeled my heart and put back the pieces better then before,
Each day I know you more and more,
And each day you'll learn about me more and more,
I'll tell you once,
There is little I know in with world,
Even less about the people living in,
And least about myself,
But I know you like the back of my hand,
And together there is nothing we can't...

Come here and hold my hand,
Together there's nothing we can't...

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