Thursday, May 15, 2014

I still do

If I would ever get handed the chance to say one more thing to you,
I would want to make you understand how you made me feel,
All the moments you made me laugh and feeling save and sound,
How I felt precious when you made sure i never went home alone for you stated I was worth too much to travel alone at that time of night, 
How you kept me awake not by making me curse youre name af 2 am but by making me reply all the beautiful things weve seen that summer holiday,
The way I feel butterflies and so much more when you take my hand,
And how the red on my cheeks feels when you raise youre open hands and roll me in make me dance on youre feet and make me spinning round for thats all the dancing I can do,
I'm not much for dancing but for you I do,
And I love you freckels, the rinkels when you laugh, the way youre drunkin feet tab, and you egg eating laugh, the fanta twist off cap spiller, and how you are my saver and sinner, my football winner, I love how you eyes light when you talk about youre grandpa, and the way you do youre chores, how you smell, how you drive,
I loved all of you,
And I still do,
If I had one chance I would say to you,
That after all I still love you,
I still do...

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