Never give up on you

I only went there for I hoped deep down inside,
That I would meet you there,
So I could say to you, 
That I hate that we had that fight,
And I wanted to say sorry for not saying sorry,
But then again I really thought you would speak first,
For you were the one who said that I was a lost friendship and that we should talk,
And you were the one who wanted to still keep in touch and make eyecontact,
But doesnt that seem strange,
When someone else took my place...?
No that we are over as the loving kind,
And you only look at me from you armpits behind,
Pretending that you are sniffing them but when you do I look you right in the eye,
So stop this crazy lie,
Everyone knows if you had to you would choose me,
For you said it yourself numerous of times,
So stop saying I love you to the girl you dont,
Stop saying I hate how you act to the girl you want,
For cant you see it was always me,
Ot why else cant we have a normal conversation?
Why won't one of us break the silence?
You can talk to all the other girl that you once loved like everythings okay,
Except to me,
And thats the reason she doenst like you hanging around anywhere I be,
The fact that she's so scared and the fact that you cant say with confidence that were over,
Doesnt that mean that there was never closure?
So stop bringing it up every single time we speak,
For I cant keep on giving all I have for someone who has doubts,
And I cant keep giving all I have for someone who won't give in,
Let along someone who would give up on me when I never would,
Not even when I had every reason to,
And when I easily could...
I would never give up on you...

I choose you...

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