Tuesday, May 20, 2014

No more complicated theories

I've run out of complicated theories,
No more angles to look at,
Or corners in my mind I havent crossed,
No more thoughts undiscoverd,
So please I'n Talking back my words,
I'm swallowing my pride,
Prepairing for the breakdown the only thing I've ever known,
No more analysing patterns or speechless looks,
No more finding out hope theories somewhere in study books,
And I begged you take back youre words just as I took back mine,
But the only thing you take is my precious time,
I've lost it all my heart, love and soul,
And now that youre no longer speaking to me,
It feels like youre pouring salt in my cuts,
Giving me a after kick,
A burn from our last night sigarette,
You say you dont but oh how I regret,
All the things that ik have said,
All the things I've did for you,
And all the time wasted on listening to you,
Now look me in the eye and tell me why...
Why would you wanne break my perfect sweet n good n kind heart?
I've run out of complicated theories,
So now I'm giving you new words,
You're just an ass...
You're a dick,
And that will be all you ever can,
For you need me to stand youre man,
Good luck finding someone elders crazy as me,
It won't be long until they see,
Why I've found out,
Then I will e the one thing you can only dream about...
No more complicated theories,
This is all...

If you can't stop thinking about it, don't stop
working for it.

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